Welcome to Shiv Shakti College of Advanced Study in Education, Rajgarh


            The College library is stocked with over 5000 books both on Education and Generalphoto Subjects. Newspaper, latest magazine, Journal related to education & general awareness are subscribed for students. Apart from text books there are encyclopedias & dictionaries also available for students.
1. a) Library Rules :

  1. Only two books will be issued at a time. The books will be issued to the students for period of 10 days. They are required to return those books within the stipulated period, otherwise fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged.
  2. Students must follow the library rules for borrowing books. They must show their Identity card when asked for.
  3. Library books should be used with great care. Tearing and folding or making any mark on them is not permitted. Any defect noticed at the time of borrowing the books must be brought to the notice of the Library staff immediately. Otherwise the borrower may be required to replace the book by a new copy or pay double cost of the book.
  4. Polite and courteous behavior inside the library is expected from all and silence must be observed inside the reading room.photo

Language lab:
Language Lab is an effective innovation. Language Laboratory offers opportunity for the students to hear the language spoken by a native and then practice speaking the language themselves. Language Laboratory is a supporting device for effective speaking and enhance pronunciation.
Educational Technology Lab :
      Educational Technology is need of modern education system. College has well equipped E.T. Lab. with gadgets like Over Head Projector, Slide Projector, L.C.D. Projector, C.D. Players, Television, V.C.D. & V.C.R.
Computer Lab. :
      The college has its own computer lab equipped with adequate number of computers (20 computer) with unlimited internet facility. The system have latest configuration and are interconnected. Hence, the college is committed to make every student computer literate.
Science Lab. :
            Astha College of Education has well maintained science labs like Physics Lab, Chemistry lab, Biology Lab, The labs are of demonstrative and practical utility.
Psychological Lab. :
      The psychological lab has 21 psychological tests and apparatus line finger Maze. These tests are an indicator of various characters, adjustments and satisfactions amongst students.

Social Science Lab. :

      Various models related to our surroundings, astronomy etc. constitute the social science lab. photo   photo
Play Ground :
      College has a big playground in its own premises. There is provision of outdoor games, such as volley ball, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Cricket etc. College provide sports material for students.